Sex Therapy, Intimacy Counselling, Sexuality Education

Sex and sexuality can be difficult and feel uncomfortable especially if we don't know where to begin or how to resolve the issue.

Our daily lives, including our relationships, can put a tremendous strain on our intimate and sexual connections. Many people have shouldered the weight of these concerns and have felt stuck, powerless and hopeless. Others have asked themselves: "Can it get better?", "Will I always feel this way?" or "Are we like other average couples?"

By paying attention and being more aware of the issues that affect our sexuality, we can live healthier, happier and more connected to ourselves and in our relationships.

Because the topic of sex and sexuality continues to be taboo, feeling nervousness and uncomfortable is common. Know that you are not alone in your feelings. Our work together will help provide hope, choices and understanding so that you can fully appreciate your sexuality and your sexual potential whether you are single or are in a relationship.

Your sexuality, sex life, sexual health and intimate connections matter. I am committed to providing personalized attention in a supportive, compassionate and comfortable environment. Together, we will work to resolve your concerns, have your questions answered, and enrich your intimate and erotic experiences. I look forward to meeting you."

- Reece Malone, DHS, MPH, CSE, CST, ACS

Sex therapy can provide individuals and relationships insight to a number of concerns.  These concerns can include physiological, psychological, identity, and relationship issues. Sometimes it can be a combination of several issues and concerns.

Sometimes therapy is not what you are looking or is contraindicated (or not appropriate). Consultation, coaching, or an opportunity to share what’s on your mind regarding gender, sexuality, or sexual health is also an option. One or a few sessions may be all that you need.

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Feeling uncertain? Chances are that your question is commonly asked. Here is a list of commonly asked questions to help you determine whether this service is a good fit.


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Whether you are in healthcare, social services, education, or corporate sectors, building your professional capacity that better reflects your clients is fundamental to inclusion, and better health and well being.

Learn more about human sexuality, practices and protocols, or how to provide client-centred sexual healthcare.

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