Sex Therapy, Intimacy Counselling, Sexuality Education

Our sexual lives can be a struggle especially if we don't know where to begin or how to resolve the issue

Aspects of our daily lives can negatively affect our sex life and intimate relationships. Many people have shouldered the emotional and mental weight of their sexual concerns and have felt stuck, powerless and hopeless. Perhaps you, much like others have asked: “Can or will it get better?”, “Will I always feel this way?” or “Are we like other couples?”

By being more aware of all the issues that affect our intimate relationships, sex lives and sexual health, we can live happier, more connected, and feel more sexually fulfilled.

Because the topic of sex continues to be taboo, feeling nervous and uncomfortable about the issue is common. Whether you’re single or are in a relationship, our work together will provide you with clarity, hope, choices and understanding.

Sex Therapy WinnipegSex therapy or consultation can provide insight to a number of questions or concerns including sexual function, psychological or emotional based issues, sexual or gender identity, or a matter affecting individuals or relationships.


Sex Therapy Commonly Asked Questions

A list of commonly asked questions have been compiled to help you determine whether this service is a good fit. Resolving your concerns and having your questions answered matters most.


Professional DevelopmentKnowledge is key in order to provide quality care and services.

Service providers can more about human sexuality, practices and protocols by visiting Diversity Essentials for more information.

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