Sex Therapy, Intimacy Counselling, Sexuality Education

Fees and Policies: Private Sessions and Consultations

1. Fees and Session Length: The fee for service is for 60 minutes. Sessions that to go beyond 60 minutes will be billed in 1/2 hour increments. Payment is due at the end of the session. Cash, personal cheques, credit cards, and electronic transfers are accepted. Paypal, plus all applicable service fees associated with Paypal, is also accepted.

For Skype sessions, payment is due at the beginning of each session.

Fees for clients are $130/1 hr., $195/ 1.5 hrs. Taxes included.  Reduced rates are available to accommodate financial barriers. Payment is due at the end of the session, unless otherwise arranged.

Other than a referral initiated by Dr. Reece Malone, written reports to other professionals or third-parties will be billed proportionately at the hourly rate and undertaken only with the client’s explicit consent.

Clients are billed interest at the rate of 1.5% monthly for outstanding balances more than 30 days, unless alternative arrangements have been made. Outstanding balances more than 90 day may be referred to a collection agency. Any time spent trying to collect unpaid balances will be billed at the agreed upon fee.

2. Cheques returned with Non Sufficient Funds (NSF): The client shall be re-invoiced, plus all bank fees associated with re-processing the cheque.

3. Cancellation Policy: There are no charges for a cancellation made at least 24 hours prior the time of an appointment. Sessions cancelled the day of the appointment will be billed at 50% of the agreed fee, except in the case of emergencies. The full session fee will be charged for failing to cancel an appointment.

4. Insurance Reimbursement: Services may be covered by third-party insurance policies. Clients are responsible for checking with their insurance company whether sexology is covered as well as limits of their policies. Dr. Reece Malone is a registered EAP therapist. Should you have EAP under your group insurance plan, please inquire with your group insurance provider whether Dr. Reece Malone is listed as an eligible therapist for reimbursement.

5. Telephone Calls: Telephone calls exceeding 10 minutes, other than the initial consultation, will be billed proportionately; as will professional telephone consultations (e.g. physicians, physiotherapists, specialists, etc.) exceeding 10 minutes. These services will be billed proportionately at the hourly rate and undertaken only with the client’s explicit consent.

6. Confidentiality: An effective therapeutic practice can be achieved only in a secure atmosphere of confidentiality. Sessions will be kept strictly confidential except for the limits imposed by law. In all other situations, individuals will be asked to sign a Release of Confidential Information prior to the release of any client information. A photocopy, scan or electronic signature will be accepted as an original.

7. Email Contact: Other than for administrative purposes, Dr. Reece Malone does not provide email counselling unless otherwise arranged.

8. Social Contact: To protect your privacy, uphold confidentiality and for ethical purposes, other than general public pleasantries, Dr. Reece Malone will not engage in social relationships with clients.

9. File closures: After a 6 month laps of contact between the client and Dr. Reece Malone, client files will be officially be closed. Re-opening a file may require a new intake session. Confidentiality policies still apply thereafter a file closure. Dr. Reece Malone will remain available to previous clients on a client-priority bases.



You are encouraged to ask questions about any modalities and exercises that are recommended. At any time, you may end a session without any moral, legal or financial obligations other than those already incurred. It is Dr. Reece Malone’s priority to get you matched with an appropriate clinician and will gladly provide referrals to other qualified professionals upon request.