Sex Therapy, Intimacy Counselling, Sexuality Education

Service Provider Training

Dr. Malone and his associates offer evidence-based, culturally-aware and age-appropriate sexuality and sex education privately and publicly to service providers, education institutions, social service organizations, and health care institutions on a variety of topics including:

  • Being a sex-positive and inclusive service or healthcare provider
  • Delivering comprehensive sexual health education
  • Conducting a comprehensive sexual health intake
  • Sexuality after injury and illness
  • Sexuality and disability
  • Sexuality and aging populations
  • The impacts of culture on gender and sexuality
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBT2SQ+) awareness in service provision
  • Assessing sexual attitudes, personal bias and its impacts to professional practice and service provision
  • Sexual lifestyles including non-monogamy, polyamory, BDSM, kink and other fetishes
  • Ethical dilemmas: sexually assistive devices, dual-relationships, privacy vs. secrecy

Delivery methods are multi-dimensional that includes: didactic teaching, self-reflection exercises, small and large group discussion, and interactive activities.

Session length: 1 hr to 2.0 full days

Educational framework: Transformative Learning Theory (Mezirow, 1991) and Inquiry-based Learning


Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR)

The objective of SAR is to provide participants with an opportunity to increase their understanding and acceptance of their own sexuality and to realize the impact their sexual attitudes and values on others both personally and professionally. SAR is structured as a 3-day process-oriented, group experience seminar. The objective of SAR includes:

  • To broaden the information base of participants regarding sexuality, the spectrum of sexual expression, and current sexual issues of concern in cultures and societies
  • To enable participants to become more aware of their own personal beliefs and attitudes regarding sexuality
  • To have a small group, interactive context through which participants may become aware of alternative perspectives on sexuality and sexual issues other than their own
  • To create a context in which participants may choose to make new decisions regarding aspects of their personal sexual attitudes, beliefs, feelings and behaviours
  • To provide a context through which participants may become more personally comfortable with their own sexuality and the spectrum of sexual attitudes of others
  • To provide a context through which participants may become more professionally comfortable with the sexuality and sexual concerns of their clients

Session length: 1.5 days to 3 full days

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Dr. Malone and his colleagues offers service provider training beyond the aforementioned list including participating on guest panels and at several education and health conferences. To request a training session and for more information, please click on the contact tab.

Please note that requests for service provider training requires a minimum of 3 weeks notice.

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