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Become Your Own “Sexpert”

Dr. Reece Malone and his team of professional sexuality educators are available to provide sex-positive evidence-based workshops that are fun, witty, engaging, and thought provoking. All workshops are non-touch, fully clothed information and awareness sessions, and can be presented to either small or large groups, women-only, men-only, mixed groups or tailored for couples or small families. Individual private consultations are also an option. Workshops range from 1-hour to 3- hours. Here are a sampling of topics:

  • Female Sexual Empowerment and Enrichment
  • Sexual Communication and Bridging Your Desires: Communicating your wants and needs
  • Female Orgasmic Potential: Exploring the vulva and all those unspoken areas
  • Male Sexual Awareness and the Orgasmic Potential
  • Anal Sex and Pleasure: The forgotten erotic and sensual zone
  • The Oral Expert: The ultimate mind blowing skills workshop
  • Negotiating Non-Monogamy, Polyamory and Open Relationships
  • Ouches and Ahhhs: An introduction to BDSM and power exchange
  • Hot Safe(r) Sex: Keeping it hot, keeping it safe and no, it won’t ruin the moment!
  • Bringing Sexy Back: Heightening erotic desire in long-term couples
  • Yes, No, Maybe: Learning sexual consent and boundary setting
  • Getting Back Into the Swing of Things: Getting back into the dating world

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