Sex Therapy, Intimacy Counselling, Sexuality Education

Values and Principles


Optimum sexual health includes access to accurate and comprehensive sexual health information; access to person-centred health care; the elimination of gender and sexual orientation inequities; the freedom from sexual abuse, coercion, and violence; the opportunity to nurture sexual self-esteem and self-worth; the practice of harm reduction and social justice; access to social services; and allowing ourselves permission to be our authentic selves free from shame, guilt and embarrassment.


  • To provide comprehensive, accurate and evidence-based sexual health information to individuals, families and service providers.
  • To provide a safe, compassionate and comfortable atmosphere so that individuals, couples and families can express their sex, sexuality concerns and ask sexuality questions without fear of moralism, judgement, shame and guilt.
  • To build professional competency to better equip professionals on human sexuality and sexual functioning.
  • To deliver a message of healthy sexuality and sex-positivity that facilitates personal growth, empowerment, self-awareness and self-determination.